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Air Protection Filtration System

With the world around us growing busier each passing day, coming home to a place of comfort becomes important—and keeping our family’s health in good form even more important. That’s why knowing the quality of the air we breathe becomes vital in both home comfort and personal health.

Your furnace is the powerhouse of your central air system. This is where all indoor air must first pass through a filter before being either cooled or heated. Then, the treated air passes through the network of air ducts, finally pouring into each room of your home.

When your air conditioner or furnace has not been maintained, dust and other contaminants build up and are carried through the ducts by the same air that enters your home.

If your ducts have holes and leaks, it’s a perfect place for bacteria to multiply and for other dirty particles like dust and allergens to collect, contaminating the already cleaned air passing through. A full (dirty) filter also contributes in spraying your home with these allergens and other irritants, even aiding the growth of microbiological agents in the presence of moisture.

Bio Micro guard

April Aire Filtration System

The Benefits of Air filtration system

  • It is designed to deliver fresher, cleaner air throughout your entire home

  • Removes more than 99 percent of allergy-aggravating particles

  • It is safe for the environment with no emissions of ozone

  • Guaranteed 10 year E-Coil Clean Free

  • Compatible with any equipment system


Merv 11 to Merv 16

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