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Air Conditioning

Summer is for relaxing, not battling the heat. AMANA central air conditioner allows you to rest comfortably day or night while eliminating the worry about your next utility bill. Each of our central air conditioner units is designed to give you a cooler, happier life. So whether you’re hosting a summer get together or having a movie night in, you can relax peacefully knowing your home cooling needs are backed by AMANA air conditioner MADE in USA product.


Get reliable, efficient heat when you need it with a natural gas from AMANA. Built to last, our gas furnaces are the choice for the majority of modern homes with central heating and air conditioning. Whether you are looking for a residential gas furnace with single- or two-stage heating, we have you covered. Our selection of high efficiency furnaces are guaranteed to keep your home warmer, your bills lower, and those winter months a little more enjoyable. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a gas furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump in one dual-fuel system.

Ductless mini split

Unlike older, inefficient heat pumps, there is no cold air delivery with Daiken's multi Cooling & Heating systems. The Hot Start system doesn't activate the fan until the desired temperature is reached, so it never blows cold air. These models give true year-round comfort from a single to two stage system


Air handler

package unit Gas-electric
          or heat-pump

Ideal for warmer climates, a heat pump is an all-in-one cooling & heating system. During summer, it works like an air conditioner. Extracts heat from inside your home and transfers it to the air outside. In cooler weather, it does the opposite, taking heat from outside and moving it inside. For optimal comfort and efficiency, a heat pump can be combined with a furnace in a dual-fuel system.

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