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Premuim Air Distribution System

How do your air ducts lower the quality of air?

No matter how clean your basic filter can get the air, it can dirty once again during its travel through the air ducts, especially if the ducts are not sealed or maintained.

Leaks and holes in air ducts create a vacuum in the attic. Conditioned air travels through these ducts but escape through holes and leaks, finding its place in the attic. The air dirties with the stale atmosphere of the attic, collecting dust and other harmful particles. With the continual use of the central air system, more air is pushed through the ducts and more air escapes into the attic, pushing the dirtied attic air back into the ducts and into the home. This is another opportunity for air to contaminate itself because of poor ductwork.

In addition, the presence of moisture in these ducts allow for microbiological growth that is released into your home every time the furnace runs for either heating or air conditioning.

Leak and holes in the air ducts allow dust and other particles to dirty the air triggering allergies and other health conditions. These leaks also allow cooled and heated air to seep out. If your air ducts also have these leaks, you may be paying up to 25-30 percent more than if you had your air ducts sealed.

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